WA-SEN 2022 SUMMIT header

Your LIFE. Your STORY. Your VOICE.

We have 6 hours of fantastic programming planned, including workshops, presentations, prizes, surprises, and connection with legislators, advocates, and other students. Registration is free, but sign up early to get awesome swag and a free lunch delivered during the event.
Please check back for updates and additions to the schedule below. Once you’ve registered, watch your email for timely updates.

9:00 AM

Morning Coffee Chat | WA-SEN Regional Coordinators
Check out self-care resources for summit participants

9:15 AM

Welcome and Land Acknowledgement
Explore the Indigenous history of your location at www.Native-Land.ca.

9:25 AM

Welcome from Our Sponsor
Dr. Angela Jones, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

9:30 AM

WA-SEN Overview | Brooke Perez and Destiny Rodenberger
Use the Washington State District Finder to identify your district and legislators.

9:45 AM

Opening Speaker | Christian Paige

10:30 AM

Legislator Engagement | Jaelyn Sotelo, WA-SEN King Region Coordinator, Moderator

11:00 AM

Self Awareness and Leadership | Anderson Parks


Lunch, delivered to your door
Videos | Music

1:00 PM

Student Advocate Panel | Kayla Hoy, Moderator

Carely Arteaga – Regional Coordinator Alumni | Stephanie Tisby – Campus Liaison Alumni | MJ Mencias – Campus Liaison | Richie Martinez – Campus Liaison

1:30 PM

Regional Breakout Spaces: Telling your story learning and practice | WA-SEN Regional Coordinators

2:15 PM

Closing Speaker | Melannie Denise Cunningham

2:55 PM

Adjourning Remarks | WA-SEN Team